Friday 1 December

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In the old mansion outside of the city, an unusual thing happens several times a year - frightened young people run out of it. A conservative and strict tradition-loving family lives in this estate: a hundred-year-old great-grandfather, a strict grandmother whose word is decisive in family gatherings, the grandmother's two sons, their wifes, children and the grandmother's cousin. The daughter of one of the sons has reached an age where she can already find a serious man and get married. However, in this case, the family council has the final say. The family members carefully choose from among the future candidates, and each of them thoroughly interrogates the future groom who came to visit. Rising youths are potential candidates who did not pass the quota and decided to leave. Finally, the bride-to-be loses patience and demands that family members stop interfering in her life. Family members confer and decide to be more lenient. A few months later, the girl tells her family that her new friend might be coming tonight and asks them to treat him nicely. Family members eagerly await the candidate for a son-in-law. That same evening, a notorious criminal breaks into the estate, intending to gas the residents of the estate and rob them. The criminal is ready - half a year ago he already inspected the mansion pretending to be a plumber. Unsuspecting family members support the criminal as a future son-in-law and welcome him kindly. They present family values, talk about the meaning of family, and finally decide that this young man is the right candidate…

Cert 18