Draugų lažybos

Friday 1 - Saturday 2 March

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School friends Karolis (Mantas Stonkus), Šampūnas (Justinas Jankevičius), Tankas (Andrius Žiūraskas) and Princas (Valentinas Krulikovskis) live their lives quietly. In Lithuania, a successful businessman Karolis has a problem - his unfaithful wife Kotryna (Gelminė Glemžaitė), the advertising director Šampūnas goes from one girl to another, Tankas, although a tough officer, lives with his mother and melts when he sees a woman, Princas, the father of three children, and his wife are expecting their fourth baby and barely making ends meet.

Old friends meet at a class reunion. Having had a good time, and still feeling in their hearts that they need to change their lives, the friends make a bet. The first betting task is disturbing - the friends have to strip naked where they are. Regardless of the circumstances.

After walking around the office with their bare butts, in military exercises, meeting an ex-girlfriend and even in kindergarten, friends will continue a bet that requires them to tell only the truth all day long. What will be the third task, where will the friends take the bet? Will they still be friends after all this? You will find out everything in the comedy "Draugų lažybps" with good actors and good acting.

The film is in Lithuanian language, with English subtitles.

Cert 18

Running time approx 1 hour 45 mins

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Saturday 2 March 7:00pm Book now