The World According to Kaleb

Sunday 10 March

Sold out

Kaleb Cooper Chipping Norton’s finest celebrity farmer and Sunday Times’ best-selling author will be leaving the familiarity of his beloved Chipping Norton and heading out on the road for his first ever theatre tour  in January 2024 with – THE WORLD ACCORDING TO KALEB – KALEB GOES ON TOUR.

Fans can expect Kaleb’s strong views on many things – including sheep (‘stupid’), Jeremy Clarkson (f***ing idiot’), goats (‘they’re a proper good clear-up animal – they eat everything – no wonder they taste horrible’), New York (‘if it’s like London where there are no tractors, that’s no good’), famous people, why farming is the best job in the world and, crucially, personal style, such as hair - especially his own!

Despite his surprise status as a household name, Kaleb is still the same down to earth, hard-working farmer, with his feet firmly on the ground. He will give audiences the chance to participate in some rather interesting rural pastimes during the show, as well as highlighting some of the many challenges that British farmers face today and perhaps share how we can all help to make a difference and support them. 

Sunday 10 March 3:00pm Sold out
Sunday 10 March 7:45pm Sold out