Who Dunnit & Leon King

Saturday 2 July

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Who Dunnit?

Are you a detractive? Can you solve this mystery . . . Why has a group of strangers been brought together in one place? Why have they all been invited by the same person and why is that person blackmailing them all? A twisting tale of espionage, false identity, misrepresentation, blackmail and murder! You are invited to attend the gathering and to work out 'Who Dunnit?' - You will be asked to vote for your guilty suspect before all is finally revealed. Will you guess correctly or will the clues tie you up in knots and have you double-guessing and chasing your own shadow? A musical Murder Mystery with audience participation, performed by the JGDATA MEGA Stars students aged 13 to 17 years.


Leon King

Life is a Circle . . . On the day he arrived on this planet, Leon King was to inherit his father's bread factory, 'King's Bakery' However, fuelled by jealousy and greed his uncle will lie, kill and twist the truth to stop his birthright and upturn the natural 'Circle of Life' With songs from the hit animated Disney movie 'The Lion King', this adaptation is a dark comedy of love, life, death and rebirth, performed by the JGDATA SUPERNOVAS adult students

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