Guest Lecture 1

Sat 27 Apr

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Emeritus Professor Richard Dutton of Ohio State University

and the University of Belfast


Professor Matthew Woodcock of the University of East Anglia

Richard and Matthew are two of this country's greatest Shakespearean Scholars. In these Lectures they will be addressing the facts and the nature of theatrical touring companies in Shakespeare's time.

They will be laying out and examining the knowledge currently available to us on the life and experience of these Companies and Players. In particular, there will be a focus on the interrogation and re-examination of the evidence supporting the possibility of Shakespeare's presence in King's Lynn in 1592-3 as an actor and writer with The Earl of Pembroke's Men - one of those Elizabethan Touring Theatre Companies.

For Abstracts/Summaries of the Lectures please click on the names below.

Emeritus Professor Richard Dutton

Professor Matthew Woodcock

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