Guest Lecture 2

Sat 27 Apr

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 Emeritus Professor John Drakakis of the University of Stirling


 Professor Alison Findlay of the University of Lancaster


 Dr Peter Smith of Nottingham Trent University

John, Alison and Peter are three of this country's greatest Shakespearean Scholars. These three Lectures follow on from and develop many of the facts and ideas examined in the morning's lectures.

John will attempt to establish links between Shakespeare and King's Lynn through the figure of King's Lynn-born actor - Robert Armin - who in 1600 went on to work with Shakespeare as a fellow actor in the Lord Chamberlain' Men (later the King's Men).

Alison will examine the position of the Boy actors in the touring theatre companies of Shakespeare's time - in particular, how did their roles change as they grew older and their voices broke? Alison will construct an argument, based on this question, around the boy actors apprenticed to play female roles in the known repertory of the Earl of Pembroke's Men while on tour in 1592-3.

Using "King Lear" as his text and lens, Peter will attempt to build a case for the importance of the play's obsession with the body and even its decay. This reading of the play, based on the text's constant insistence on materiality, will bring us closer to understanding the lived experience of the Elizabethan actor. It will also give an insight into the equally lived experience of Shakespeare's theatre.

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Emeritus Professor John Drakakis

Professor Alison Findlay

Dr Peter Smith

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