The Four Seasons Gala Performance

Wed 16 Oct

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Transparent sound, full of nuances and fine dynamics characterise the playing of the K&K Philharmonic. Time and time again, the young musicians have proved in the concert halls of Europe that, in addition to the works of the Strauss dynasty, they do know how to interpret other great classics excellently.

The K&K Philharmonic, founded in 2002 by Matthias Georg Kendlinger is valued across Europe. Numerous audio and video recordings underline this impressively. With two of the most well-known works of the Baroque - Antonio Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" and George Frideric Handel's "Water Music" - the joy of playing and the musical sophistication of this renowned symphony orchestra can now also be experienced in the United Kingdom.

One can also look forward to the young K&K conductor Taras Lenko as well as the violinist Robert Stepanian, born in Yerevan / Armenia, who has performed with the Austrian orchestra several times very successfully.

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