BREATHE: Manchester Camerata String Quartet

Wednesday 8 May

Award-winning Manchester Camerata takes you on a beautiful, intimate and reflective live music and cinematic experience.

Absorb the remarkable sounds of beautiful string quartet music by Philip Glass, Ben Nobuto, Arvo Pärt, Ayanna Witter-Johnson and Shiva Feshareki.

Then, immerse yourself in the stunning short film in our cinema - [ B R E A T H E ], an original orchestral work made especially for the screen.

Live performance:

Philip Glass                             String Quartet No.3 (VI Mishima)                       

Ben Nobuto                             Skip                                                              

Arvo Pärt                                 Da Pacem Domine                                        

Ayanna Witter-Johnson          Mento Mood                                                  

Shiva Feshareki                      VENUS/ZOHREH                                        


Film Presentation:

Kidane / Havers / Nobuto       [ B R E A T H E ]                                          

Bookable via Box Office only.

Wednesday 8 May 4:00pm
Wednesday 8 May 6:00pm