NSO Summer Concert

Sunday 23 June

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Wagner Parsifal Overture
Interlude from NSO Horn Section
Chaminade: Flute Concertino 
Saint Saens: Symphony in C minor 'Organ'


For our final concert of the season, we return to St Nicholas Chapel.

Wagner’s Overture to his opera “Parsifal” begins our afternoon of music drawing us into a world of spiritual quest and redemption.

After an interlude from the NSO horn section, featuring music from Mozart, Volksweise and Shaw, we move to Chaminade's charming Flute Concertino, a showcase of both the delicate beauty and agility of the flute.

We complete our afternoon of music and our season with the monumental Symphony in C Minor 'Organ' by Camille Saint-Saëns. Saint-Saëns' masterful composition explores a range of moods, from hauntingly dark passages to triumphant and uplifting moments. The symphony reaches its peak with the awe-inspiring finale, where the organ emerges, filling the Chapel with its commanding presence and thunderous sound.


A dramatic end to a fantastic season of music!

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